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Jul 12, 2018

Come on and slam and welcome to HORSE, a basketball podcast about everything except for wins and loses.

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HORSE is hosted by Mike Schubert and Eric Silver. Edited by Eric Silver. Theme song by Bettina Campomanes. Art by Allyson Wakeman. Website by Kelly Beckman.



The NBA is now a 365-day league and it's never been more present in pop culture. From Kevin Durant's burner accounts to LeBron taking his talents anywhere to trusting the Process, the NBA is becoming a pop culture requirement. At the same time, sports can have gatekeepers that make it insular and frustrating for people who aren't die hard fans. We’re here to prove that basketball is entertaining to follow for all fans, whether you’re actively watching the games or not. On HORSE, we’re not here to analyze wins and losses. We’re here to talk beefs, dig into Internet drama, and have fun.