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Mar 16, 2020

Full Court Press: The NBA Is Suspended Because of COVID-19 (8:30)

3-on-3: The Three Shortest Coaching Tenures and Three Fun Facts About Short Coaches (23:13)

That Actually Happened: The OKC Thunder Put Visiting Teams Up in a Haunted Hotel

And Also: A Parody Shirt of Mike’s Favorite Team, Fuck Rudy Gobert, Skip Rabberhazer, Pool-Related Activities, Devil in the Oklahoma City, HORSE Is Spirits Now, Workers Rights Ghost Stories



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HORSE is hosted by Mike Schubert and Eric Silver. Edited and mixed by Eric Silver. Social Media by Mike Schubert. Theme song by Bettina Campomanes. Art by Allyson Wakeman. Website by Kelly Schubert


About Us

On HORSE, we don’t analyze wins and losses. We talk beefs, dig into Internet drama, and have fun. The NBA is now a 365-day league and it's never been more present in pop culture. From Kevin Durant's burner accounts to LeBron taking his talents anywhere to trusting the Process, the NBA is becoming a pop culture requirement. At the same time, sports can have gatekeepers that make it insular and frustrating for people who aren't die hard fans. We’re here to prove that basketball is entertaining to follow for all fans, whether you’re actively watching the games or not.