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Sep 30, 2019

Full Court Press: The Ringer’s Jordan Ligons on the WNBA Playoffs 

That Actually Happened: ESPN 30 For 30’s Jody Avirgan on Audio Documentaries, Ultimate Frisbee, and More

And Also: Where Does the Head End and the Hair Begin?, SportsCenter Top 10 on My Resume, I Know No One Listens, Refer-Me, International...

Sep 16, 2019

Ep. 32: Air Bud: Zam-Bone-I


Full Court Press: USA Flops at the FIBA World Cup and the NBA Bans Ninja-Style Headbands

That Actually Happened: Air Bud Isn’t Actually Good at Basketball

3-on-3: Gregg Popovich’s 3 Best Sideline Interviews and 3 Best Post-Game Interviews

And Also: Ninjas Are Athletes, Eric Will Fight...

Sep 2, 2019

Full Court Press: Diana Taurasi Live and Shaq and Kobe’s Beef Reignited

3-on-3: Shaq’s 3 Best Other Jobs and His 3 Best Moments from MTV Cribs

That Actually Happened: Amir Blumenfeld Has Earned His Laker Fandom

And Also: Boob Passwords, Safe Surfin’, AUNTIE Anne’s, 960 Hours of Fitness, NEXT, Math Break, the NBA...